Our Story

Lyset Fragrances is an emerging brand of clean-burning, non-toxic candles. We are committed to providing the highest quality products with in-house curated scents that reflect the many versions of you. Our candles are individually hand-poured and made with carefully crafted scents that add warmth, joy, and comfort to your surrounding. Our passion is creating luxurious candles that bring life to each room.

At Lyset, we value sustainability and safety above all else. We use only sustainable raw materials such as soy wax & cotton wicks to ensure our candles safely burn and have minimal environmental impact. As well as this, we pledge to never use any toxic ingredients or synthetic dyes in our processes – ensuring you get a quality product at all times.

We take pride in delivering memorable experiences for people looking for a personal touch around them through our ever-growing scent library with more than 50 individual fragrances mixed and matched to offer one-of-a-kind candles. Whether it’s a birthday gift, anniversaries, holiday, or just an everyday luxury item – Lyset Fragrances delivers the perfect solution by allowing you to choose among different fragrances that represent every version of you.

Our candles aren't just made by hands; they're crafted by skilled women artisans who infuse each creation with their passion and dedication. By providing safe working conditions and fair wages, we're fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and dreams are realized. Our commitment extends beyond the beauty of our candles. With every purchase, you become a partner in igniting positive change. A portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting initiatives that empower women across different walks of life. We believe in creating ripples of transformation that extend far beyond the soothing glow of our candles.


At Lyset Fragrances, we strive to make sure every person gets the most out of their experience with us by providing quality products that combine both passion and innovation in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we strive for perfection with every new fragrance we craft!